Ps vita next model

ps vita next model

The latest model of the PS Vita is 's 'Slim'. Sony made some subtle changes with this model, both internally and externally, but they're. It's well-known that the PlayStation Vita hasn't been a spectacular performer for Sony. Over the years, the shelf space dedicated to the platform. Sony has been discussing its PS Vita Failures, so is it finally time for they just released the Vita slim model.

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I could understand if PS4 gamers who don't like Japanese games not being interested, but man, Vita is like the best thing to own with a PS4. Related news The best computing and accessories deals on Amazon Prime Day The best laptop deals at Amazon on Prime Day The best Amazon Prime Day deals The best 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray movies. They were way off base last fall when they said the market was bad 'cause of ios gaming and nintendo's dominance. Anyways, it doesnt look like Sony will make another. It almost felt like it was a side project that was quickly cast away when the numbers didn't come in. What were they thinking?!? ps vita next model YoungDavid77 Follow Forum Posts: If this new handheld does come to pass it'll basically be a more powerful PlayStation Vita with DualShock 4 side controllers. With handheld gaming, I can plop down and devisen app anywhere, and not disturb. I really had fun with remembering how the vita plays. Legend has it he bleeds pixels.


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